What to Expect When You Get a Crown

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If you are considering getting a dental crown, you might be curious about the procedure. We will run down what generally happens to help you understand it better.

A crown is an artificial covering, which is generally placed over a damaged tooth or made to replace one that is missing. The dentist tries to form it so has the ideal shape of the tooth it is replacing.

The dentist will start by filing down the tooth to make room for the crown to sit on top. If there is not much of the tooth left or it is missing, the dentist may create a foundation for the crown to rest on.

The dentist will then take an impression of the tooth. An impression of the tooth above or below the target tooth, the position depends on whether the crown will go in the upper or lower jaw, is also taken. With these impressions, the dentist can make a crown that will fit snugly on the tooth and match up with companion tooth on the upper or lower jaw.

Once the crown is finished, and the dentist will permanently adhere it to the tooth, making it nice and sturdy. You new crown may require a little extra care, but if you listen to the dentist’s advice, you should be able to make the crown last.

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