Goose Creek Family Dentistry offers professional dental care for adults and children in Goose Creek, South Carolina. We are dentists and team members serving North Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding areas.

Our doctors have more than 40 years of combined dental experience. We keep your teeth healthy while providing personal examinations.

We believe that dentistry is not a product to be sold; it is a service that should be delivered. We provide all our dental patients with the best dentistry and customer service skills available.

When we provide a dental makeover treatment, we take your entire dental experience into account. For instance, one of our restorations will not only function and fit perfectly, but it will also look great and not cause you any future jaw pain or discomfort.

Also, when it comes to your dental health, paying for your treatment should be your last concern. We provide financing and payment options that will make paying for your dental treatment or procedure as easy as possible.

Finally, we believe in education. You should be completely informed about all aspects of your dental experience. Prior to your dental procedure we will discuss what materials will be used, how the procedure will be performed, what your teeth will look like afterward, and what results you can expect in the future.

Our dentists and staff provide the whole package when it comes to dentistry. Not only can you expect great general dentistry care, but also cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry excellence.

We are confident in all our dentistry and customer service skills, and guarantee your satisfaction.

To learn more about our approach to dentistry and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gilreath and associates, please feel free to contact our office today.