Cosmetic dentistry does not just mean smile design. The materials and technologies developed for cosmetic dentistry also benefit other procedures in less visible areas. Cosmetic dentistry can only achieve predictable and permanent results by meticulous observation of technique, a thorough understanding of physical, chemical, and biological properties of dental materials, and “discipline.” With “discipline” is meant that a dental practitioner should not just know how to establish an optimum operating field, but also do it. There is no way you will have long-lasting and beautiful treatment outcomes if somewhere along the line a step was omitted, a “corner cut,” or a material not properly applied, while observing the bigger picture (i.e., your oral health, facial proportions and the condition of your TMJ).

Dr. Gilreath and associates offer tooth-colored materials to create invisible dental fillings in Goose Creek, South Carolina, that blend with your smile and provide natural-looking results. Whether you have silver dental fillings or have developed a dental cavity or injury that needs to be repaired, we invite you to visit Goose Creek Family Dentistry to have your smile restored to an aesthetic and durable quality that will serve you well for years to come. Contact our office at 843-764-3081 to schedule your appointment with our dentists!