Advice on Caring for Bleeding Gums

Advice on Caring for Bleeding Gums Do your gums bleed when you brush and floss your teeth or even when you eat? If so, it’s very important to take better care of your gums. This is a sign that your gums are suffering the consequences of poor oral hygiene. If... Read more »

What to Expect When You Get a Crown

If you are considering getting a dental crown, you might be curious about the procedure. We will run down what generally happens to help you understand it better. A crown is an artificial covering, which is generally placed over a damaged tooth or made to replace one that is missing.... Read more »

Dental Christmas Gifts You Can Give to Your Loved Ones

If you think your loved ones deserve strong, healthy, and beautiful smiles, then our dentists are more than happy to brainstorm dental Christmas gift ideas with you! When it comes to stocking stuffers, you can always have toothbrushes with fun characters, easy-to-use floss, and sugar-free gum. When it comes to... Read more »

Focus Your Smile on Dental Floss

  How would you assess your oral health care in regard to your flossing techniques? Although most of us have been flossing all our lives, it is something we often overlook in terms of ways to improve it. Very easily, you could end up getting caught in your everyday humdrum... Read more »

Include These Oral Health Factors in Your Daily Oral Care

If you are struggling with oral health problems, you may be experiencing discomfort, inconvenience, and pricey treatment. By taking preventive measures now to prevent dental problems from developing or becoming worse, you can significantly improve your quality of life. We encourage you to include these oral health factors in your... Read more »

Denture Risk Factors

Have you heard that tooth loss can result in tooth-crowding, difficulty eating and difficulty speaking? That's why lost pearly whites need to be replaced with false teeth. Find out a bit more about risk factors for tooth loss by reading on below. You are perhaps at risk for needing false... Read more »

When Teeth Whitening Is Not Recommended

If you wish for a brighter smile, teeth whitening may be the solution you’ve been looking for. However, there are some situations in which our dentist will recommend against a patient whitening their teeth. Age For those in their teens, teeth whitening may be discouraged. Until an individual is about... Read more »

Steps You Can Take to Create Your Healthiest Smile

There are steps you can take to create your healthiest smile possible. And this is important because healthy teeth and gums aren't just good for a pretty smile, but they help you to eat and speak properly.  A healthy smile which is devoid of tooth decay and gum disease will... Read more »

Here’s How to Protect Your Smile When You Play an Instrument

Do you play an instrument? If so, it’s important to keep your smile in mind as you do so. Playing an instrument can place immense amounts of pressure on the teeth, lips, and oral tissues, which can cause damage. This is why caring for your smile is important. To help... Read more »

You Can Enhance or Improve Your Smile’s Appearance in a Variety of Ways

A gleaming white smile can enhance many of your facial expressions to help provide a boost to your self-confidence in social settings. If your teeth are affected by cosmetic, or minor physical imperfections, you are likely interested in exploring your options for enhancing or improving the appearance of your smile.... Read more »