Restore Your Smile With Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers are leaving beautiful, restored smiles in its wake. Thousands of people are turning to dental veneers to achieve a perfect smile they always dreamed of. If you have a smile you wish you can improve, then our dental office has exciting news for you!

Our dentists with Goose Creek Family Dentistry in Goose Creek, South Carolina, cares about your oral health and beautiful smile and is happy to help you understand more about how dental veneers can work for you.

Here are some facts about dental veneers:

-Dental veneers come with several customization options, including alterations in size, color, shape, length, and rotation.
-Did you know that dental veneers last over ten years? It is true if you take care of them correctly.
-Dental veneers are not a good choice for unhealthy teeth but can be placed on discolored teeth to radically improve their appearance.
-Dental veneers are stain resistant, which means they can resist discolorations that would typically affect natural teeth.
-Dental veneers are placed directly on the fronts of teeth for improvement in visual appearance and for added protection.
-Dental veneers are most famous for concealing visually unappealing teeth.

If you are interested in dental veneers and wonder if they can work to correct your smile, then please call us today at 843-764-3081 to make an appointment. Dr. Gilreath, Dr. Antonio, and Dr. Ponto are happy to help give you the smile of your dreams.