Here’s How to Protect Your Smile When You Play an Instrument

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Do you play an instrument? If so, it’s important to keep your smile in mind as you do so. Playing an instrument can place immense amounts of pressure on the teeth, lips, and oral tissues, which can cause damage. This is why caring for your smile is important. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Ryan Gilreath, has some tips for you.

First, clean your instrument. Instruments, especially instruments that require the use of your mouth, can harbor bacteria and even mold. When this happens, playing can make you ill. So, make sure your instrument is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. If you need help doing so, please research cleaning techniques online where there are many helpful resources available.

Second, protect your smile. Some instruments require putting a lot of pressure on your mouth, which can damage your teeth and oral tissues if you’re not careful. The best thing you can do is wear a soft acrylic mouthguard when you use your instrument. The guard can keep your smile in tip-top shape. Please talk to your dentist if you would like more details about this appliance.

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